Mobile Commerce for Retail Market in Thailand

  • Pornprom Suthatorn University College Cork Ireland
Keywords: Mobile commerce, m-commerce, retail market, TPB, theory of planned behavior


This research studied the adoption of mobile commerce (M-commerce)forThai retail customers in Bangkok, Thailand. The author used the theory of planned behavior (TPB) to investigate the perception of the adoption of mobile commerce in the retail market by investigating the relationshipsamong(1) the level ofattitude toward the behavior, (2) the subjective norm, (3) the perceived behavioral control of Thai retail customers when theyconsiderthe mobile commerce channel and (4) the degree of their adoption of mobile commerce in the retailmarket.The theory also suggested that those four variables will create the intention of customers to use their mobile to purchase their retail products. One hundred and twentyquestionnaires were collected from people in Bangkokon a voluntary basis. The results from an ordinary lease regression analysis showed that intention mediated the linkage between attitude toward the behavior andsubjective normand strengthened the adoption of mobile commerce.

Journal of Innovation and Technology for Learning